a blog’s purpose

Why does this exist ?

This site is designed to become active on the day of my forty-ninth birthday and then be a place I can come to record my thoughts over the ensuing year.

I am hoping that by reflecting upon my successes and failures, my daily frustrations, my moods, and my interactions with others, I may be able to be in a “better place” when I reach my fiftieth birthday.

I am not expecting anyone to see this content, however people may find it. That’s okay. It isn’t secret. However some may be surprised or even alarmed by the things that I write. That could be because I intend to be as honest (with myself) as it is wise to be in a public forum. Those who do know me will easily identify this site as mine, and are welcome to do with that information, what they will.

So there will be a blog. Will it start with gusto and fizzle out ? Will it prove helpful ? Will it lead me to better understanding of my life situation ? Or might it reinforce some of the negative thoughts that often crowd my mind.

Only the next year will tell…



What might this blog do for me ?



I would like to be a happier person. Perhaps some considered evaluation of my experiences will help me to focus on the positives more often, and find the virtuous spiral rather than the downward one.



I would like to interact more easily with others. This may mean changes to the way I am, but probably involves more thinking about how others may be different to me and that that’s just fine.



I would like to improve. There are many areas one can work on at my age such as health, skills, employment returns, or just stopping to smell the flowers. If I can make any of them better then that would surely be a good thing.



Whether metaphorically, or literally, I hope that this experiment can help me to help myself.