A word I use to express anger or frustration when the event probably warrants a much stronger word. This morning I was lucky enough to have an emergency dental appointment to deal with the lower molar that sheared off last week. The dentist covered it in something temporary and said we may have to consider removing it in the new year. Fortunately it doesn’t hurt and now should be safe for Christmas. Just now I considered eating a certain snack, but instead I chose one less likely to cause problems for the new covering. Hey. Pays to be sensible. Just


I need to be careful today. My mood is off and I am feeling snarky. I can tell, even though I have not interacted with others, because I am being snarky in my head. Most of the day I am running conversations or scenarios through my mind in a constant whirl of pretend interactions. It is exhausting. But it is what I do. I saw a clip earlier of Chloe Grace Moretz explaining how she lied about her country of origin to book her first film role and I have been chuntering to myself about how the American studio audience insisted