Well, blogging later in the day isn’t going too well, is it ? I either don’t remember, or am ill-inclined, and it gets forgotten. So here I am, lying in bed on a Saturday morning, and I should use this little window.

My standard Saturday morning is a good thing. Despite having a lot of control over my timings in the week, I seem to arrange a lot of tasks that get me going early. Maybe that’s deliberate to make sure I get stuff done, but I do set a lot of alarms to grumble at.

Saturday mornings are relaxed, however. I have spent the night (as usual for the past eight months) dealing with Bugsy and his mental issues. He insists on waking me, but needs no specific thing. All he wants is some attention / reassurance. I have tried everything to help him and am still in the process of shuffling an expensive cocktail of drugs to try and find stuff to improve his nights.

So I’m up early to feed the dogs, take my pills, and make a cup of tea, but then I come back to bed and surf on my phone. Check emails, catch up on Reddit, master Wordle – that sort of thing.

Next will be a shower and then we head to meet friends for a dog walk. Small group of nice people and nicer dogs, with no responsibilities for me. A good morning and as such, a positive thing to reflect upon at times when I might be feeling a bit low.

What of the last couple of days ? Well Thursday saw me finally get my car sorted. I felt a bit guilty because I assumed the man was just washing the outside but he actually did a full valet and I hadn’t done anything to my car. So there was more mud and dog-hair than I would normally inflict on someone. But now the car is super-clean so I’m going to aim to keep it that way if I can.

There was T20 cricket in the morning and I have treated myself to a month of TV subscription to watch it. I planned and kept that time free, I actually paid attention, and I witnessed one of the best ever performances by the England team. So that was a win for me, as well as for them.

I did some computer-stuff, making a first draft of a Christmas advert for the salon. I knew it wasn’t far off so emailed it for comments. I also found a nice lady on Twitch thanks to them finally allowing me to sort streams by “ascending viewers”. I’m all about the interaction on that platform.

Then I took the dogs out and treated them to tennis ball games to make up for the long delays. They forgave me quickly.

Friday starts with Pilates and unlike last week where I had made myself ill with an excess of Curly Wurly bars, I was fit to participate. Well, fit may be over-stating it. For an activity where I never moved off the mat I certainly sweated a LOT !

Then it was dog walk and Waitrose with my friend who is making great strides (pun always intended) with her recovery from her hip replacement. So satisfying to help her find her independence again. She must be fed up of having to see me rather than maybe wanting to see me !

Also had a quick 40 minute Zoom call to make changes to the advert and subject to approval from the future-boss, we should be good to go.

And that’s the gist. They have been productive days and this satisfying. Sure I could have done more, but I am pleased with the general level of achievement.

Well done me *pats own head*.

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