I woke today with a sense of “being better”, further suggesting I have been off-colour of late. Was it as a result of poor diet (very likely) or could it have been a sneaky Covid infection without the classic symptoms ? We shall never know. I’m not great, but then that’s pretty much normal for me. I did have some energy though this morning.

So I felt I had to use it properly. I got the dogs out to the park where we met several of our dog friends : Tia, the dog-walker pack, Daisy and Holly, Fr√łya the huskie, and even Betty Betty Betty who had her customary leap into my chest for cuddles. Nice to see doggle friends and okay to see the associated humans too.

Then when I got back I went straight back out before I lost impetus. I know the fatality of sitting down for five minutes. It quickly becomes fiiiiiive minutes. I first went to my friend at her Eco Store to discuss my project for a website mapping dog-friendly businesses in the area, then I popped into the ever-amazing QD and got three cheap buckets that will work really well and certainly as well as the over-priced “detailers buckets” you can buy specifically for washing your car.

Next was Sports Direct where I got a coat that may actually be waterproof rather than just a layer to slow rain down, some socks, and a couple of hats because apparently I have lost all of my previous ones somewhere. I actually have a bag I keep all the hats and gloves in during the warmer months and there just aren’t any hats in there. Where on earth could they all have gone ? I can imagine dropping one on a walk but all of them ?

Grabbed a Christmas-themed dog toy for each of the dogs to open on Christmas Day and then swung round to Sainsbury’s to get a few basics. None of this shopping was stuff I wanted to do but getting it all done and off my brain-list was very pleasing.

I pootled the afternoon away with some World Cup football, some dog-cuddles, and some work for the salon. Didn’t get the final answers I needed until just before close of business but as soon as I get a response to the email I sent reception, I will be able to complete another task. Which is good for everyone.

Now I have just done some serious de-tagging of my purchases so they are available for use tomorrow, and given the dogs some new toys I acquired the other day in Aldi. I buy two, because I have two dogs, but they always fight over one and are doing so right now behind me. The noise of my older dog playing like a puppy is one of the happiest sounds in my house.

Oh and Last night I watched The Wonder with a friend. Florence Pugh is awesome as always and the film was pretty well-made. As usual, if Ms. Pugh is in a boddice you should prepare yourself for some serious fare.

Now I am at the computer with a glass of tropical fruit juice drink from a supermarket, livened with a cunning 1/3 proportion of Malibu. Distinctly Caribbean, in contrast to the weather.

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