It is the day after and I’ve had a few drinks. This is a recipe for a dip in emotion. However I really have had a lovely time so I cannot complain. This evening I have had a beer or two then dinner with my sister, her wife, and a good friend. That’s not bad.

Plus the food was lovely, the beer went down well, and now I’m lying on a bed with cute dogs left and right.

So if I let myself, I’m sure I could find some sadness, because I would like X in my life or I’m short enough Y in my day, but really, right now, things are pretty good.

Especially when you take a step back and look at global issues. I’ve never been able to completely buy into the idea of comparing my life to that of a person in an impoverished country, as the analogy seems too forced, but from time to time it is impossible to ignore. Tonight there are people in Ukraine queueing for water because Putin the monster is bombing their civilian infrastructure; in Seoul there are families grieving the loss of their young children who perished on a night out, just trying to have fun; and in India there are people bereft after a bridge collapsed just when it was supposed to have been fixed. The world is cruel and there is no reason or rationale to it.

So for tonight I am going to call it, relish the success, and see what Tuesday has to bring.

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