Sigh. It is so easy to fall out of a habit such as blogging.

What has been going on that I should have shared with you ? My finger is healing, but typing is not as easy as it might be because I have it bandaged. I could probably manage without a bandage but it does still “leak” a bit so it is best kept very very clean. TMI ? Well you don’t have to be here !

Today is my young dog’s second birthday. He has had a nice day with two outings, the second of which was a six-dog play in the dark with LED collars and glow-in-the-dark balls to chase. He has been well catered to.

I was supposed to also do a few outdoor jobs today. I did  get the Christmas lights down, even if they haven’t made it back into the boxes yet. That’s good, particularly if it rains. I didn’t get my car cleaned but it turned out to be a good thing as I had to put four dogs in there today to help out a friend.

My insides are unhappy with the antibiotics so that’s sub-optimal. I haven’t been caught out yet and let’s hope that stays the case but I’m not enjoying the process. It needs to be done to be on the health-safe side.

And this is why you have to blog regularly. I cannot remember what I should have told you so I’ll do it as it comes back to me. Next big problem is the photo shoot for next week. For now all I can do is test all the equipment and charge everything up. I will start fretting about the actual photos nearer the time.

Right. I’m not paying proper attention. I’ll be back.

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