No, that isn’t a typo in the title, it is the Latin word for tomorrow. And from it, we get the word pro-cras-tination. Something I am very good at. Let me prove it to you. Actually, I’ll prove it in my next post, but you’ll see.

(I’m funny.)

Sunday mornings could be a time to get shit done. My dog plans are in the afternoon so I can have a lie-in and still get several hours of stuff under my belt before the physical-tireds kick in. However Bugsy was up to his usual tricks last night, simply refusing to settle unless I did something. It doesn’t really matter what I do, but I have to get up and do it. Take him outside, get a biscuit, even just go downstairs as though I am going to do one of those things, and it helps him settle. Meanwhile I am disturbed. Get to 7 am and he falls into a deep and peaceful sleep.

By the time I have fed the dogs, had my cuppa, and had my recovery nap, it is halfway through the morning. Stuff joints and Internet messages take me to now. And here I am typing nonsense for the benefit of nobody into the ether, rather than perhaps clearing a surface in the kitchen.

What I did just do is wipe the bird shit off my car, and put the seats down. I need to do that because a friend has reached out to ask me if I could take their dog with me to the fields today. The humans are horribly sick and the poor doggo wants to play. I am more than happy to do so. But it does flex on something that occurred yesterday.

Photo by Wesley Sanchez on Unsplash

I went out for my usual Saturday exercise and two of the regulars were not out. I wrote a birthday card for one of them, but fortunately my brain is so addled I left it behind anyway. I don’t know why one wasn’t there, and the other turned out to be overseas. I reflected upon the state of our friendships that I did not know that either of them would not be in attendance. It is a shame that we have not progressed further in the quite considerable number of encounters we have had.

And again today, I reflect upon the nature of my relationships with others. I am glad they are friendly, and that I have a reputation for being helpful. I would be horrified if I didn’t have an association with caring for dogs. But like the drinks I popped by on Friday, how many of the people that are “happy to see me”, would actually care if they saw me. Or yet, choose to arrange to see me ? Hmm.

I have played around in the past with words like friend, acquaintance, mate, etc. but any attempt to group people like that is artificial. When you pick something like “Who cares when your birthday is ?” or “Who invites you round for a cup of tea ?” then you can start to differentiate between levels of familiarity.

I think I may go and make myself a cup of tea.

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