On a Sunday I play with dogs. Lots of dogs. Mostly big, some small, all amazing. It is the closest I come to being happy and for a while I often forget to even be glum.

Today was no exception. Lots of lovely dogs came along and they all played (mostly) really well, and we saw nervy dogs gaining confidence, new friends becoming better friends, and old friends thrilled at a chance to see and play with their buddies again.

I like to say I “stand in the middle” of the group because I didn’t establish it, and I don’t take responsibility for what goes on (legal disclaimers are always handy). But also it is useful as a way to brush away the occasional nice comment I get about our part of the meet. It isn’t the British way to take compliments easily. I actually do like it when, out of nowhere, someone is able to say that I have helped them in some way. I like seeing dogs become happier and if that makes humans happy too, all the better.

So for now, all is okay in the world. Don’t worry…I’ve got a plan to sabotage it later !

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