Don’t panic ! This post is not as dark as the title suggests.

When I was a child, I had many dreams, and some nightmares. My dad (who was a character) talked to me about dreams and explained that the worst never actually happens. For example, you never actually die. You may think you are going to, you may head towards the big crash…but the dream ends just before the crucial moment. OF course being “my dad” he explained that the moment you actually do dream of death then you have actually died and it is all over. Sleep well, little one !

I cannot for now remember what I dreamed in the last 48 hours that triggered this thought, but about a week ago I was chatting to some people and I remembered a dream from that week in which I had appeared to die. At least, I knew that the Ukraine conflict had spilled over into global war, and that a nuclear strike had taken place on the United Kingdom. I looked to the horizon and had just enough time to process that this was so, the futility of the conflict, and the impossibility of escape, and then the wave of the nearest explosion rushed towards me. I guess I cannot actually say it struck, but the dream certainly didn’t stop much short of that moment.You might think I woke up screaming, or at least in a cold sweat, but dreams don’t worry me so much in adulthood and I merely thought “That was new” before inevitably needing to go to the toilet and then locate which dogs were where in my bed.

I should record some of my dreams on here. When I develop some disease or syndrome and the doctors ask whether I experienced vivid dreams, I can direct them here. It certainly can be a sign of many issues that interfere with good sleeping. Or maybe I’m just cuckoo.

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