If you have a titter in your throat right now, and those words made it worse, shame on you !

I have made progress today. Not the sort of progress that most people would be proud of, but at least things have moved in the right direction. I have one small section of floor that is now clear and (relatively) clean, which is good, and a variety of other items have found homes as part of that. No, my surfaces are not clear, but it is an improvement. I have also just distributed cards to those in my local walking circle of neighbours. I hope to drop off the remaining ones as I go out to my dog walk tomorrow, and then that’s all the stuff done. Well, no. That’s all the stuff done that the world can see. I will still have cleaning, clearing, and tidying I could do, and may well not do. I don’t often manage two days in a row.


Dogs are relatively happy because I treated them to tennis ball play today. I know I have three days of fun meetings with friends ahead, so it seemed right to let them have a chase. We bumped into River the Doberman, and she chased Winston which added to the delight. Bugsy got to drop the ball at the feet of people who were not me, and that makes him happy.


Finally, I also got a message about a referral to have my sleep looked at. It is in the spring so by then I would do well to have separated out what is dog-related and what is me-related, so I can give them the clearest information possible. As always, I feel very lucky to have access to a healthcare system that will look at things like this for me, without me having to worry what it might cost. This might be a “lose weight – goodbye” situation, or it could be overnight sleep studies, machinery, ongoing monitoring, who knows ! But I will just do as I am told and be grateful – unless they ask me to lose weight. Not that I wouldn’t like to, because I would, but I’m not finding that easy these days and also find the balance between eating for health and eating for not-hating-it, harder to tip in the grown-up direction.

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