I bought myself a Christmas present. To be fair, nobody else will. That’s not because some won’t want to, but a few years ago I decided to ask everyone to refrain. This isn’t a Grinch thing, but a “I have all the nonsense I need plus a whole bunch of nonsense I don’t” thing. It has also stopped my only recurring nightmare which involved Christmas morning and me not having bought any presents.

I bought an Apple Watch. This seems like a very poor purchase given I bought one six years ago and haven’t worn it much. The mistake then was not buying it for a reason. I just wanted it. I didn’t understand what it did and didn’t do and I ended up not being bothered. The capabilities have moved on and so has my age, so I am interested in the health-tracking aspects, particularly any information on my sleep.

I can argue this is me being positive and proactive with my health. I won’t be a slave to my exercise rings but it is always handy to have a push. It is even better to have additional facts about my health to share with doctors when they ask me. The first night’s sleep data make for interesting reading.

I’m told a good night of sleep is 8-9 hours with 1-2 hours of deep sleep. This is not what my chart says I got last night. What IS surprising is how little REM sleep it says I had. Of late I have been dreaming very heavily and remembering my dreams vividly – although it is true to say I would not categorise last night like that. I wonder if I have my next “dreamy” night, will it notice ? Also what will it say if I throw myself out of bed ? Oh dear…will it call my sisters via the Emergency Fall aspect ? That will be embarrassing !!

Watch this space. You know…you guys. Who are reading this. All of you. Hello ?

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