As the day has gone along, I have improved. I must recognise that and pick out the causes. For I started the day with limited energy and pretty tired too.

Getting outside with the dogs was beneficial, even though the weather was pretty foul. Walked with Future Boss (FB) and had a good chat all the way round. Dogs behaved well, as always. Then got a handle on a few work things that need doing. Couldn’t finish them as the day progressed, but that’s because we need more information from others. It’s happening.

I think the main thing is that I have realised I haven’t been well. I think perhaps my digestive system has been performing poorly. This could well be from my atrocious diet but it could also have been a side-effect from the hydroxyzine so I must watch that if I take it again and take more careful notes. The situation is resolving (that’s all you need to know) and I feel better for it. A bit, anyway.

And then the last thing is a bit random but lovely. I have an idea for a community project – basically it would be a website where you could find dog-friendly businesses in my area. Non-profit, just to make dogs and small business work for each other. I was testing out the concept with some WordPress stuff and found a greatly-used Plugin but a lot of the most useful features are in a paid version. I’m not ready to pay for this project yet, just in case I cannot make it work, but it would be useful. Then I saw they support non-profits so I reached out. I got a lovely email back asking for proof of my non-profit status, which of course I don’t have as it is just an idea right now.

So I messaged back saying thanks, explaining my situation, and saying that as and when I might justify the upgrade, I would buy it. They emailed back and said they would support the project with a free upgrade ! It is a small thing in the grand scheme, but it makes a big difference to my chances of building something worth visiting. I will be sure to promote the heck out of them as soon as I can and look for ways to thank them for their kindness.

So watch this space for dog-related stuff…when I get a tad more motivation to sit and work at the computer.

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