After dinner, I wanted something sweet but didn’t have anything but Curly Wurlies…that should be all a man needs.

But it wasn’t what I wanted tonight and randomly I decided I needed to try and make some “fairy cakes”, or whatever you care to call them. That’s a lot of effort from me, particularly on a Saturday evening. Plus it keeps me from going clubbing 😂

So they went in the oven, and now they are cooling on racks. Doing this reminds me strongly of my mum, as she would bake with me as a small child and I would “help”. That connection is increased by the fact that I am using the same recipe book she had (it accompanied the purchase of our Kenwood mixer back in the black and white decades) and I’m also using a plastic spatula like we would have used at the time. I can imagine the sensation of biting into one as a a child when cleaning the mixing bowl.

I don’t want to sound old (but I am) however we had so many fewer sweet treats back then. Home-baked cakes were the biggest treat going and my mum baked with the best – or we certainly thought so.

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