This is probably when I should be blogging – when my mind is a bit frazzled. So although I really want to be in bed right now, I am going to quickly type this.

At this moment I am not sure how I feel. Not bad, certainly, maybe just a little “off”. I was trying to watch a Twitch stream but it didn’t go the way I wanted it to. At some point I need to reflect upon whether that was genuinely a problem, or whether it is unsurprising that a stream run by and for 20 year-olds doesn’t gel perfectly with my requirements ! I felt ignored and a bit pointless, but that’s probably right. Although I know that that wasn’t intended, it shouldn’t be outrageous that the vibe goes that way. I do see these things as businesses, however, so they ask for my time and/or subscription, and I guess I want things to follow a predictable path as a result. Hmm.


What else is not right ? Not sure really. The Internet is arguing over stuff, and I don’t really care about what they are debating, but perhaps the back and forth has got into my brain. I should maybe consider staying clear of social media in the latter part of the day. Or any part, maybe !

And really it has been a good day. The pot-smoking, aggressive man at the playing fields was hugely outweighed by all the lovely people with their lovely dogs, my dogs had a nice time, I’ve sorted out some things in my game, and when I have finished this I can see what image a friend has just sent me – probably more cute dog photos. Yes, I am old, and that has flicked into my mind recently, but that’s just a fact and you can’t do much with that. And “old” is relative as well – I am older than some, younger than others, and can choose how to tackle this part of my life. So maybe I need a new perspective there also.

Strange. Maybe just need to sleep. I wonder if I will be allowed that tonight or if there will be much furniture-scratching ahead of me asking me to stay awake for no apparent reason, but at the same time as an imperative to my old dog.

Strange boys, both of us.

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