I am pausing. I have been trying to clear some space down in my bathroom and kitchen (the two rooms on the ground floor – weird, huh ?) because I have ordered a load of dry dog food to arrive while it is on Black Friday pricing. This has involved me moving myself and objects. The excess weight of one makes the other all the more challenging.

It isn’t a job that is fun to do although any clear space achieved will give me a small uplift, I’m sure. However I’m finding lots of reasons to huff. Shit I bought and don’t need, things getting knocked over because I live in chaos, stuff just “not cooperating”.

During my pause I have pIckes up my phone (because I can’t stop doing that) to find my friend has had the big A-frame sign stolen from outside her shop. I assume she takes it in every night so therefore assume this is someone stealing it use it or sell it. Either way it brings me a small amount of anger and a large amount of soul-crushing melancholy. When I’m feeling less pooped, the balance will probably shift towards anger.

How is a hard-working person supposed to make a go of a small business in such an environment ? I hate people.

Now…can I make any further progress downstairs before the mood subsumes me ?

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