Okay, I have two good example of “me” and how I behave to share. I’ll do them as separate posts.

For this one, know that a friend just shared a video with me. It wasn’t until I typed that that I realised the significance of that very first statement. The sharing of the clip was a sign of friendship but I had glossed past that onto a frequent worry of mine. I saw the clip and realised that it showed another friend at the first person’s house. This poked the part of me that says “Why do I not get invited to visit ?” My mind will race with thoughts of not being worthy, or being too annoying, or having upset the person. Of course the real reason is probably just that these two people met up. You know – it had nothing to do with me ! But my mind worries.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Taking this wider, let’s use the example of flowers. Men don’t get sent flowers often. For some, that’s a shame. If you have a house, flowers are lovely, If you have had a sad event in your life, flowers can bring cheer. Your gender isn’t relevant. Now if I say to someone “I never get sent flowers” and they send me flowers, instead of focussing on the lovely gift, I focus on the fact that “They only sent them because I practically begged for them.” The spontaneity was key to me. This is also why I don’t advertise my birthday. You have to want to find out when it is. Apparently.


I think this post is helpful. It allows me to see the weaknesses in my argument and I can come back here again to consider alternate strategies in the future.

Now to bully that person into inviting me over… 😉

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