It is my fault – who else’s could it be ? Today I went overdrawn. A problem always, but particularly when you don’t have an overdraft facility.

So off to the bank I popped to ask nicely if one of the three members of staff (or so it seemed) could help a fella out. To be fair to them, they sorted me out within half an hour and I’m covered until I can sort my shit out at the beginning of next week.

This situation was created in several stages. One was long ago when I transferred to Santander and set the account up online. I didn’t get an overdraft facility and didn’t feel I needed one as I had money back then and used to run a good balance, using it as a savings account. I meant to get an overdraft organised but I was shy to approach and have to answer questions about my income and life arrangements.

Times moved on. Now I have no savings and the account runs close to zero every month. I usually manage to shuffle things in time but this month, well there wasn’t anything left to shuffle. Then part two of the disorganisation. I found some shares down the back of the sofa and sold those, but it turns out the “money will be available on Thursday” didn’t really mean that. They meant “You can use it on Thursday…if you use it with us. If you want to use it elsewhere…sometime next week maybe.” Charming.

So at least I avoided a failed payment to my credit card which would have a whole extra credit score implication, and I will be back on track next week. For now anyway. But money goes out a lot faster these days than it used to.

Anyone think I have a shot at a successful OnlyFans ? Pitch to the lover of the heavier, bearded man ?

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