A word I use to express anger or frustration when the event probably warrants a much stronger word.

This morning I was lucky enough to have an emergency dental appointment to deal with the lower molar that sheared off last week. The dentist covered it in something temporary and said we may have to consider removing it in the new year. Fortunately it doesn’t hurt and now should be safe for Christmas.

Just now I considered eating a certain snack, but instead I chose one less likely to cause problems for the new covering. Hey. Pays to be sensible. Just get to the last bites and…ouchie ! Not the lower teeth, but a very nasty pain from the upper jaw instead. Some rummaging around later and I fish out a large chunk of tooth/filling from between two upper teeth.

Chances of an appointment before Christmas are vanishingly low so I am hoping the discomfort was just the process of it breaking. I will get in touch with the dentist tomorrow and book for whenever I can, but let us hope this doesn’t turn into a real problem. Nobody wants toothache, and having it over a holiday when your dentist is probably planning a well-earned break and the health service is dealing with strikes and flu and Covid and the like…sub-optimal. That doesn’t leave this office.

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