Today I had a lovely slow start to the day. I’m not apologising for that because it is Sunday, and we do our big dog thing in the afternoon, so today is a great day to have a lie-in.

But when I finally decided it was time to get going, showered, and sat at my desk to be productive, the first thing I did was make a box for some pills. The pills, unsurprisingly, were given to me in a box by the pharmacist, but it was a white, loose box and would have disappeared into my medicine box where they would have leaked out. So I did what I have done for many pills, and  made a small box for them. I bought some box nets a while ago (I think they were originally aimed at wedding treats) and I make them up with neat labels so my drugs don’t get in a tangle. It’s a bit over-organised but as I lose my marbles it may help keep me safe from taking the wrong stuff.

So I made up the box, printed the labels, all quite quick and easy. Then the “me” part.

I like to include a Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) to make sure I know how to take them and what the risks are. Usually you get one from the doctor but if they haven’t given you one (or God-forbid you have some pills you didn’t get through formal channels) then I like to find it online and print it. The latest pills I got (legally prescribed) were Hydroxyzine and weirdly there isn’t a nice PIL available online. So I found the best one I could as a PDF.

But it wasn’t pretty. And it was loooong. So I converted it into a Word file to make some changes. Then I went down a formatting rabbit hole as I tried to locate the causes of certain hidden characters, spacing issues etc. etc. I ended up with a beautiful sheet, printed like a little booklet on both sides of a piece of A4, something you could submit for a school assignment and get a decent grade for. But now it is nearly walk time and this is all I have achieved with my morning ! I could have cleaned the car or the kitchen or, oh lots of things. But I get so easily distracted by tasks like this and then need them to be done a certain way. I have done this since school, much to the frustration of my teachers who found me still playing with something they mentioned in passing 30 minutes earlier. Silly boy !

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