I think my car may have a slow puncture. I cannot be sure yet but there’s one that seems to be fading each day. If it is low again tomorrow, I will know and have to book a replacement. Yay for expense.

Today has been a bit like I have had a slow puncture. I have got the main things done but I have not been at full speed by any means. Was this the drop-off after yesterday’s productivity, did I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, or was I just being lazy today ? I could focus on the positive, in that once the Amazon man had been I went over to one friend’s house to fit a bath-board ahead of her return. That was good and will hopefully make her return more straight-forward. I also stopped by another friend’s house on the way and dropped a card in for his birthday, which was kind of me. We don’t say that, do we ? But it was.

However if you had been paying me by the hour today you probably would have wanted words. I didn’t race out of the blocks before walking the dogs at the fields and this afternoon had a little too much peering at the weather through windows than is probably ideal. We are heading towards more typically autumnal conditions and I can feel it. When will I relent and turn on the heating ?

Now it is early evening. Do I watch a TV show, play a computer game, or curl up in bed with dogs to cuddle. That last one seems favourite right now, but feels like it isn’t exactly maximising my time on this planet. Do I have to achieve something if I want to feel like my time has been well-spent ?

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