No, Canadian friends, I don’t mean squirrelly – although now I type that, I realise that I could use that word in the same place. Two nations, separated by a common language indeed.

My digestive system has been in a state of flux for some half a day now. No more than a bit of irritation, I’m sure, but enough to be inconvenient and for me to bail on Pilates this morning. I have spent the morning wondering what the cause could be, ranging from bad food to opiate withdrawal. Anyone suggesting it is more likely to be from eating like a seven year-old left to cook for themselves might be closer to the truth.

Anyway, by a quarter past one I have at least progressed from under the duvet to on top of it, with a quick trip via a dog walk which was bright and pleasant.

My tyre continues to misbehave so it looks like there’s a fun expense lingering for me. I could investigate whether it is a repairable hole but I can just save myself the time by saying “It’s too close to the edge” now and saving the nice man at the garage saying it to me.

I could have had my car seen to today but I thought I needed to be available for assisting someone get settled back in their home. After two weeks when those plans could have been changed, they were changed yesterday by which time I had already declined the car work. A small frustration. I really do prefer the greatest amount of notice that is possible and it is disappointing when people take your availability for granted.

I do not feel like someone who is going to have a productive day. In some ways that is okay because nobody will notice / be negatively impacted. At the same time, I always feel weird when I realise that someone like me, who has the education and skill set that I possess, can so easily spend an afternoon making little progress.

Maybe I will feel cheery enough to go out and take some leaves. Understand that I am entirely capable of doing that, but given my sad belly, I just don’t feel like it.

A bit pathetic, really.

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