Sigh. It is so easy to fall out of a habit such as blogging. What has been going on that I should have shared with you ? My finger is healing, but typing is not as easy as it might be because I have it bandaged. I could probably manage without a bandage but it does still “leak” a bit so it is best kept very very clean. TMI ? Well you don’t have to be here ! Today is my young dog’s second birthday. He has had a nice day with two outings, the second of which was a

And you thought grey industrial premises in my town were mundane places of work. No ! They are places of mind-bending spacetime-defying mystery. I know this because the tyre for my 8:30 fitting appointment is not due to arrive until noon. For the system to have booked this appointment can only mean they have access to some form of wormhole capability and plan to address the locking wheel-nuts through that. Fortunately, given my run-flat tyres and the compressor I bought on a whim from CostCo, I can get to my morning obligations of dog walks and IT shenanigans.