Today I had a lovely slow start to the day. I’m not apologising for that because it is Sunday, and we do our big dog thing in the afternoon, so today is a great day to have a lie-in. But when I finally decided it was time to get going, showered, and sat at my desk to be productive, the first thing I did was make a box for some pills. The pills, unsurprisingly, were given to me in a box by the pharmacist, but it was a white, loose box and would have disappeared into my medicine box where

I bought myself a Christmas present. To be fair, nobody else will. That’s not because some won’t want to, but a few years ago I decided to ask everyone to refrain. This isn’t a Grinch thing, but a “I have all the nonsense I need plus a whole bunch of nonsense I don’t” thing. It has also stopped my only recurring nightmare which involved Christmas morning and me not having bought any presents. I bought an Apple Watch. This seems like a very poor purchase given I bought one six years ago and haven’t worn it much. The mistake then

I am pausing. I have been trying to clear some space down in my bathroom and kitchen (the two rooms on the ground floor – weird, huh ?) because I have ordered a load of dry dog food to arrive while it is on Black Friday pricing. This has involved me moving myself and objects. The excess weight of one makes the other all the more challenging. It isn’t a job that is fun to do although any clear space achieved will give me a small uplift, I’m sure. However I’m finding lots of reasons to huff. Shit I bought