If I want this blog to be useful, I need to document my highs and my lows. I know that I have had a couple of low thoughts over the last couple of days (I mean not so cheery, nothing worse than that) but I also felt those were transitory. I don’t want to give them unnecessary focus by sitting and writing a blog post about them, if they are nothing more than a passing “I wish SHE was my wife…” kind of thing when Emily Blunt is on TV. Because that’s just silly. Don’t worry – I’m sure the

At 1:30, it didn’t look good. Well to me, at least. I opened the door to show my dogs the hooning rain that was pouring in sheets past the threshold but Winston just trotted out into it and looked hopeful. Fortunately, in this country strong weather doesn’t tend to last very long. By 2 pm I was in position and a small but keen group of dogs had formed. We ranged from the giant to the tiny, from my nearly 12 year-old, to an only 15 week-old. A good time was had by all in their own way. Some chased

I’ve battled opportunities for negativity so far today and won…just about. I had a bit of a head on in the early hours as the beers from last night took their effect. I cannot believe I could drink into double figures back in my youth. Now I have a couple of pints and I’m distinctly sluggish in the brain department. I might have wallowed in bed but I had an arrangement to meet my sister for a dog walk which was good for me as motivation to get out into the fresh air. We were fortunate with the weather and

It is the day after and I’ve had a few drinks. This is a recipe for a dip in emotion. However I really have had a lovely time so I cannot complain. This evening I have had a beer or two then dinner with my sister, her wife, and a good friend. That’s not bad. Plus the food was lovely, the beer went down well, and now I’m lying on a bed with cute dogs left and right. So if I let myself, I’m sure I could find some sadness, because I would like X in my life or I’m

On a Sunday I play with dogs. Lots of dogs. Mostly big, some small, all amazing. It is the closest I come to being happy and for a while I often forget to even be glum. Today was no exception. Lots of lovely dogs came along and they all played (mostly) really well, and we saw nervy dogs gaining confidence, new friends becoming better friends, and old friends thrilled at a chance to see and play with their buddies again. I like to say I “stand in the middle” of the group because I didn’t establish it, and I don’t

This is the only post I will make before the I start using the blog properly on 30 October 2022. That is the official start date. But the start of what ? I feel very concerned about my life. I mean that almost in every sense that I could mean it. I am concerned about my mental health primarily, with a history of low mood and negative thoughts, and that in turn makes me concerned for my life in the most literal sense. Whilst I do not plan to hurt myself, I am aware that the chances that my life