I feel very “manly”, if that’s a thing any more these days. Why ? Because I FIXED something.

I have these things called MegaFlares. You put them on the road if you break down or have an accident, and they flash very bright LEDs to warn other drivers. They can be driven over, they float, they’re magnetic…useful thing. They’re also a luxury. So when they stop working, I don’t replace them any more. But then I had an idea…

The most likely malfunction seemed to me to be that the batteries were so old they wouldn’t hold a charge any more. So I took one to pieces and seeing that the design seemed fairly simple, I determined I would give it a go. Amazon allowed me to buy a pack of four bare lithium rechargeable batteries, and after some VERY shaky soldering and a bit of luck, I have my flare up and running again. Now I can try to see if any of the others need a repair and keep as many of these going as possible.

Very satisfying not to have thrown away and replaced when I was able to fix. Yay for me.

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