Can you explain the non-local domain ?

The Conduit is a extra-temporal, ethereal presence and as such I am pleased to consider myself located everywhere at all times for all people. However the Internet requires a domain and the catchier the better. There are other, I’m sure lovely, people who own domains with The Conduit in them and they want money for the use of those. Being free and accessible means The Conduit has limited funds and no desire to be fleeced for a catchy URL.

Fortunately a snazzy solution is possible – as I am everywhere, I am in the EU which makes me eligible for an Italian .it domain which allows a clever web address. The choice to put another dot symmetrically after the th is, well, just affectation. Forgive me the vanity.

So the domain is only non-local to non-Italians. Don’t be racist ! 😉 To everyone else it just a way to remember how to find The Conduit in times of need.

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