Which of the dormouse, hedgehog, squirrel or bat does not hibernate ?

The squirrel.

Um, so yeah. That’s the answer. Did you know squirrels lose 50% of the nuts they bury because they can’t remember where they put them ?

Or that all the squirrels in Ontario are black ? No, seriously, they are ! Look !


4 thoughts on “Which of the dormouse, hedgehog, squirrel or bat does not hibernate ?”

  1. There are a few more levels to the answer to that question depending on where you live. In North America, tree squirrels, (like your black friend here) do not, as you correctly stated, hibernate. However, ground squirrels (and there are several species of them) do. Also, there are some species of bats in Canada (and likely in Europe as well, though I don’t know which species) don’t hibernate and avoid winter by migrating south. Doormice and hedgehogs, which cannot be found on this side of the pond do, as you point out, hibernate.

    By the way, only some Ontarian squirrels are black. It’s just a genetic mutation that shows up in some populations of grey squirrels 🙂

    And now you know the rest of the story… 🙂

    1. I think what is important is that all the squirrels that The Conduit met at The Toronto Squirrelfest ’04 were black ones. There are actually a few black squirrels in the UK but if you tell people that they give you very funny looks indeed.

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