Is love really blind ?

Nobody can tell you about love with certainty so all that can be offered is an opinion or perhaps some guidance. Only you can know how you feel, deep in your heart, but when the weight of opinion urges you to exercise caution you would do well to heed it.

Lust is not blind, particularly for men, although its eyesight can be very heavily modified by both intoxicants and emotions. Love, perhaps, causes one to see things differently. Sometimes that can be with a greater clarity, seeing the true value of someone that others miss. Sometimes it can create an image that only you can see but that need not be a bad thing. If two people see in each other everything that makes them happy and contented, why would that be anything but wonderful ?

The only drawback can be, and most will experience this at some time in their life, when love makes us see only part of the picture. The woman who ignores the man’s philandering, the man who does not address the woman’s temper, the partner who cannot see how their loved one changes them in the eyes of others.

It would be lovely to throw a cliché in here – you’ll know true love because it will be easy, or love means never having to say you’re sorry – but nothing truly worthwhile can be as simple as that. Love is as intangible and ill-defined as it ever was or will be.

Can love make it easier to look past physical appearance or minor imperfections ? Wonderfully, yes ! Can love make it easier to ignore harmful behaviours or negative habits ? Sadly. Will that ever change ? Those who find love, true passionate love, might well say that they dearly hope not.

“I love you”. Powerful stuff.

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