Why do I get the feeling that I’m being followed ?

As a wise man once said,

“I’m not paranoid…but I know everyone says I am.”

A little general caution and the odd glance over your shoulder is nothing to fear but when you start to see people tailing you it may be caused by one of many issues.

A guilty conscience is always a prime motivator of such feelings. Have you something to feel guilty about ? Is there something you would like to share with The Conduit (in the strictest confidence of course) ?

Perhaps you have an evil twin who exists with you in some form of closely-related but strangely parallel universe, able to impact upon your senses without actually taking corporeal form ?

Of course it might just be that you actually ARE being followed – if so, take appropriate action. Wear a false beard, thick glasses and a hat, and always carry a briefcase and an umbrella with poison in the tip. Or, if you are absolutely sure you have spotted the person tailing you, come and say hello – The Conduit doesn’t bite.

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