I’ve battled opportunities for negativity so far today and won…just about.

I had a bit of a head on in the early hours as the beers from last night took their effect. I cannot believe I could drink into double figures back in my youth. Now I have a couple of pints and I’m distinctly sluggish in the brain department. I might have wallowed in bed but I had an arrangement to meet my sister for a dog walk which was good for me as motivation to get out into the fresh air. We were fortunate with the weather and the dogs had a good time running around. Winston found a tennis ball, a football, and an orange ball on a rope. Not a bad haul for one walk.

Decided the muddy bellies of the dogs warranted a change to my plans so I brought them back here for a rinse down, then shot over to check on my friend’s house while she was away. I anticipated a negative outcome to the main reason for visiting, measuring for a device to make the bath more user-friendly, but it might…just…work. Cross your fingers. Everything else was as it should be and I was able to get the information back to her about how the house is surviving. She should be back in the next few days.

I came back via Waitrose (I have discount vouchers, that’s the ONLY reason) where I bought lots of dog food because I could get it at a reasonable price. Let’s hope the slightly different brand doesn’t cause any issues. Bugsy isn’t usually fussy. The dogs were pleased to see me and once I had reminded ratdog that she had to play nicely with others, they settled in for a short cuddle.

With an early darkness now the clocks have gone back, and rain beating against the front door, it was a definite option to stay there but I was able to find a stir to sit here at the computer and get a few little tasks done. A letter here, an email there, a greetings card written, and this post almost posted. Almost productive.

The question that lurks under this is why was I able to get back at tasks today ? Was it because of the painkillers I took, or the ones I didn’t ? Was it luck ? Was it because I have made some nice clear lists and therefore it is easy to pick tasks off and see progress ? I’m not sure. But I will certainly compare today to another day when I simply cannot find the motivation to do any of the tasks that are always outstanding.

Now to decide if I am done with work stuff and maybe ready for some entertainment instead.

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