I really did try. Well actually, it was weird. I lay in bed and didn’t go to sleep, but it wasn’t like I kept thinking “why can’t I get to sleep ?” I just didn’t sleep much. Then his dogness came by for his conversations and that wasn’t too bad because I wasn’t being woken from deep sleep.

But now I am irritable. The young dog wouldn’t stop barking at things. A van. The postman. Me. Air. I tried throwing hose attachments at a fence but that didn’t seem to help at all.

All the hose attachments have exploded in the cold. I protected my neighbour’s tap, but none of the bits I provide. Typical. I’m sure waiting for someone else to pay for replacements will be fruitful.

I cleaned my car. It looks fine. But the fact that it doesn’t look AMAZING has irritated me. I’m expecting mirror finishes even if I only do a half-arsed job. Is that so much to ask ?

Now I’m getting up the energy for the next stage of my day. I’m off to walk the dogs with my sister, which should be very nice. I also have a whole list of small tasks I should be able to complete in the same journey if I remember to take the things I need and to stop at the relevant places.

If that all goes well, my mood will probably be back on track. If things go against me, that won’t be ideal. The next few hours are kill or cure for today.

It has just started raining. Hard.

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