If you aren’t sick before you go to an Urgent Treatment Centre, I can’t help feeling you will be by the time you are seen.

Almost all the people in this room are sick children, who are also the ones who don’t have to wear face coverings and who are all suffering from hacking coughs.

My little fabric face-covering isn’t going to make much difference.

Why am I here ? I got a little bite today from a French Bulldog who decided to leap to my waist and make a snack of my fingers. These sorts of things aren’t usually much bother and I very much have an attitude of “shit happens” but the wound is a bit deep, and with the New Year holidays keeping doctors closed tomorrow, I have been referred to a hospital for some urgent TLC.

I’m anticipating a tetanus jab and some antibiotics but if they decide to amputate, I’ll be sure to update you.

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